Emergency service

We are open for emergency service from 08:00 on 28/04/24 to 08:00 on 29/04/24.

If you would like to know whether we have your urgently needed medication in stock, please call us now on the following number:

Even during our emergency pharmacy hours we can reserve your medicines and set them aside for immediate pick-up.

We have a emergency service during the night once a month starting at 20:00 until 08:00 the following day or a Sunday emergency service: all day Sunday starting from 08:00 continuously until 08:00 on Monday.


Internationale Ludwigs-Apotheke is centrally located and easily accessible in downtown Munich, Neuhauser Straße 11 (pedestrian area; MVV Stachus or Marienplatz; parking is available in the surrounding streets).

CONTIPARK Tiefgarage Stachus

Herzog-Willem-Straße 11
80331 Munich

Pschorr Tiefgarage

Altheimer Eck 16
80331 Munich

Mühoga City-Parkhaus Färbergraben

Färbergraben 5
80331 Munich

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