Corona / Covid: Vaccination, digital vaccination certificate, convalescent certificate and immune card

Get vaccinated against Corona / Covid with us.

We will educate you before the vaccination and issue the vaccination certificate with QR code afterwards.
Depending on availability, the BionTech vaccine Comirnaty and the adapted vaccine BionTech Comirnaty BA.4-5 are vaccinated.

Book an appointment now for your free Corona / Covid vaccination.
Please bring your yellow vaccination certificate and ID document to the appointment. When vaccinating in our pharmacy, it is compulsory to wear a medical mask, just like in the doctor’s surgery.

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Digitaler Corona Impfpass

We issue digital COVID vaccination certificates.

Without appointment – free of charge at our pharmacy!

With the COVID digital vaccination certificate you can easily prove your immunisation status with a QR code and in the CovPass app on your phone.

Please bring the following for the digital vaccination certificate:

  • Your immunisation records
  • Your identity card

Our opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 09:00 – 20:00

We can provide you with the recovery certificate

Without appointment – free of charge!

Recovery certificates can also be stored digitally in the CovPass app and the Corona-Warn-App as proof in everyday life.

Please bring the following for the recovery certificate:

  • Your identity card
  • Proof of your medical condition:
  • Positive PCR result from a laboratory, doctor, testing site or testing centre.
  • OR Medical certificate, provided it contains information on the type of test (PCR) and test date
  • OR isolation certificate, provided that it contains information on the type of test (PCR) and test date.
  • OR other certificates from authorities, provided they contain information on the type of test (PCR) and test date

COVID immunity pass

Upon request, we can also provide you with the immunity pass in credit card format.

Price: €9.90
About one-week delivery time to your home.

This allows you to prove your vaccination status without a phone. The immunity pass is valid throughout the EU.

COVID self-test – the right way!

Self-testing is unbelievably easy! Lara shows how to do it right.

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