German prescriptions & e-prescription

Redeem prescription: stop by or pre-order via Click & Collect!

Redeeming prescription – quick and easy: Pre-order your medicine by phone: +49 89 550 50 70 or send us your prescription as a photo by email. Here you can find out our Click & Collect pick-up times.

Is my medicine in stock?

You can use our availability checker to see immediately whether your medication is in stock and ready for pick-up straight away – around the clock!

Do you need a prescription medicine urgently?

You can request a prescription via questionnaire or receive a diagnosis and prescription from a doctor with a video appointment.

available soon!

Is your medicine not available or not yet available in Germany?

In many cases we can help with a medicine import if a drug is temporarily not available in Germany (supply shortages).

We are also a specialised pharmacy when it comes to new and innovative medicines from abroad.

Does your prescription have a QR code? Then you have an e-prescription.

Electronic prescriptions are the next step on from the classic paper prescription.

Although it is called e-prescription, the doctor will print out the prescription on paper and give it to you, so you do not need to own a smartphone or have any special apps installed to accept the prescription from your doctor and redeem it at the pharmacy. But: You can simply send us the prescription e .g. by email – you do not have to bring or send it to the pharmacy.

Is your prescription pink? Then you have a panel prescription.

The pink prescription is used to prescribe prescription drugs that are reimbursed by statutory health insurance funds.

Panel prescriptions have to be redeemed within one month of their issue date.

Private prescriptions are mostly blue, and occasionally white.

It is not only people with private health insurance who receive private prescriptions from their doctor. People with statutory health insurance can also get a private prescription if the drug requires a prescription but is not included in the list of services covered by statutory health insurance.

You will also receive a private prescription when non-prescription medicines are prescribed. You will then have to pay for these yourself. If your doctor is not licensed by the health insurance provider, they will only issue private prescriptions.

Private prescriptions are valid for three months from their issue date.

Other prescriptions are green and yellow

Green prescriptions contain recommendations from the doctor for non-prescription drugs. They are valid indefinitely, and the cost of the medicine is not covered by health insurance.

On the yellow prescription, strong-acting substances are prescribed that are subject to narcotics laws, e.g. certain painkillers (opioids). These ‘BTM prescriptions’ are numbered for security reasons and are only valid for 7 days.