International medicines

Medicines from abroad – we import from over 30 countries.

You can order international medicines and health products from us that are not available or not yet available in Germany.

For prescription medicines we always require a prescription.Are you looking for a specific medication? Visit our store, write to us at or call us on +49 89 550 50 70

Is your medicine not available? We import active ingredient-equivalent substitutes.

Sometimes individual medicines are not available from the pharmaceutical manufacturers at short notice.

If a particular medicine from a particular manufacturer is not available, in many cases we can offer you a medicine with the same active ingredient from another manufacturer.

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We procure drugs that are not yet on the market in Germany.

The supply of pharmaceuticals in Germany is very good, but sometimes new, innovative drugs are not yet available.

This is because a medicine first has to be approved in a ‘pilot market’, but not in other countries until later. In cases that are medically justified, however, new drugs can be prescribed and imported into Germany before they have been approved here.

We import medicines for you from all over the world that are not yet available in Germany. We require a prescription from a doctor. Whether the costs for the treatment are reimbursed by the health insurance provider must be clarified in each individual case.

Orphan drugs: Orphan drugs vs. orphan diseases

Orphan drugs is an umbrella term for drugs for rare diseases, e.g. rare cancers and metabolic and autoimmune diseases.

Drugs for orphan diseases are sometimes difficult to obtain. Orphan drugs are of paramount importance to the patients affected.

Contact us if you are looking for orphan drugs. We also search abroad for medicines that are not (yet) available in Germany and can import them if a prescription from the doctor in charge can be provided.

Service for pharmacies – individual import in accordance with § 73.3 AMG

As a pharmacy, do you need help with individual drug imports in accordance § 73.3 AMG?

Contact ilapo directly, the market leader in this field.